Divine Design Part 3

Welcome to the end of our weekly posts. I hope you have enjoyed the radio programs we’ve shared. Today I would like to share a three part series from Revive Our Hearts Radio called Crying Out From A Heart Of Brokenness. Forgive me that it isn’t on our topic of study but it really spoke to me and I wanted to share it. I hope you like it!

Crying Out From A Heart Of Brokenness  – Revive Our Heart Radio Series

“Can you imagine someone trying to get a job admitting they were weak and unqualified? That’s exactly the kind of heart attitude God is looking for in us.” Click here to listen or read day 1.

“The evangelical subculture has levels of status and celebrity. It’s easy to become Pharisees, more interested in outward appearances than in the heart. ” Click here to listen or read day 2.

“Nancy explains why God is more offended by a hard-hearted, lifelong churchgoer than a murderer who is coming to Him in humility.” Click here to listen or ready day 3.

Please let us know how we can be praying for you throughout our study. I hope you have a beautiful weekend! We will be back on Monday for the start of week 5 Battle of the Sexes.

In His Love,
One Heart Ministry


Divine Design Study Part 2

Hello sisters! I hope you enjoyed the radio programs we shared with you on Monday. Today we will continue to share some programs from Revive Our Hearts Radio. I hope you enjoy them!

Fulfilling Biblical Roles

Encouraging Men to Be Men

The Power of Your Femininity

Falling For Lies

All of the above programs and many more can be found at http://www.reviveourhearts.com.

In His Love,
One Heart Ministry

Divine Design Study

Hello dear sisters! Our Monday Night group did not meet on Monday, October 17th. Some of us attending Revive Us, a prayer event with Kirk Cameron. We recognize time is valuable and being out two nights in a week can be challenging. So we took last week off. I hope this was a good time for you to get caught up if you needed to, spend time digging deeper into the study, or extra time in prayer. Who can’t use extra time in prayer…I know I can!

In addition to our Monday Night group not meeting on the 17th we also didn’t meet on Monday, October 24th. Some of our sisters could not make it because they were not feeling well. So this week I will share some additional study resources for our study and will begin our usual posts on Monday, November 7th. I hope you enjoy these addition resources.

Revive Our Hearts Radio has a lot of great programs on this very topic we’re studying. I would like to highlight just a few of them.

The Gospel Is A Love Story

Why Did God Create Male and Female?

The Desire To Control

Please let us know if you’re still with us in the study and what you think of it so far. What has God been placing on your hearts these last few weeks? Let us know how we can encourage you and pray for you!

In His Love,
One Heart Ministry