Week 6 Hear Me Roar: Discussion Questions

Hello sisters! Wow, what a week this study has been! We can see the affects of femism everywhere we look in our culture today. We had a great discussion Monday Night and really enjoyed digging into day 2 and 3. On day 2 the author says, “I think of women who have ben influenced by the world’s model of womanhood. They lack discernement, and discretion; they see nothing wrong with being flirtatious, using suggestive or coarse language, carrying on covert Facebook exchanges with old boyfirends, wearing clothing that exposes or empasizes private parts of the body, or numeous other “wild” patterns. In some cases, they are ignorant or naive of what the Bible teaches. In other cases, they are more interesed in fitting into the world than in honoring and reflecting the Lord. Some of them have already shipwreced their lives and the lives of others; others may be well on the path to doing so.”

Here are some discussion questions. You can share your thoughts and comments here, write them down in your book during your quiet time or discuss them with another sister doing the study with you. These all come from the homework.

  1. Can you identify any ways in which feminism has influenced or shaped our attitudes, values, behavior, or your thinking about womanhood?
  2. Read Proverbs 7:6-27 in your Bible. What are some behaviors and characteristiscs of the Wild Thing that stand out to you in this story? What do these qualities reveal about the Wild Thing’s heart and her relationship with the Lord?
  3. According to 1 Peter 3:4, how does the Lord feel about true womanhood? How do you need to adjust your attitude toward womanhood so that it matches His?

We are currently experience some technical difficulites and will share our week 6 discussion from our Monday Night group soon. Please let us know how we can be praying for you!

In His Love,
One Heart Women’s Ministry


1 thought on “Week 6 Hear Me Roar: Discussion Questions

  1. To answer number 1, I have actually been shocked during this study at how much feminism has crept in to my way of thinking, and convicted that I am so far from where God wants me to be. I can look back over just the past few years and see decisions I’ve made based on this flawed thinking, taking a job that I shouldn’t have, pursuing something else because I felt my role at home with my young children and my husband weren’t enough. I’m realizing how much my family misses out when I insist on being strong and independent and successful instead of waiting on the Lord and letting Him guide me, and looking to my husband as the head of our household.

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