Week 6 Hear Me Roar: Additional Resources

Hello sisters! As we end week 6 of our study I would like to share a few additional resources for a deeper study. All these can be found on the True Woman 101 website at http://www.truewomanbooks.com.

Click here to read an article by Nancy titled Becoming a Woman of Virtue.

Here is an article that can be found on the True Woman Blog. Click here to read The True Woman CLICK by Mary.

Click here to watch a video with Mary called You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby!

Revive Our Hearts has a radio with lots of great programs on this very topic we’re studying. There are 2 series in this program titled True Woman 101: Hear Me Roar that I would like to share. Just click on the title to read or listen to each program.

Have You Been Affected?

Sacred Motherhood

The second series titled Girls Gone Wise in a World Gone Wild has 3 programs. The last series titled Becoming a Woman of Discretion has 5 programs.

I hope you enjoy these additional resources. Please let us know how we can be praying for you throughout the study! Have a great weekend!

In His Love,
One Heart Woman’s Ministry


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