True Woman 101: Week 6 Hear Me Roar

Hello dear sisters and welcome to week 6 of our study. I can’t help but think of our recent election after studying this week. On page 139 the authors say, “Women’s Issues” become a hot topic in politics – with legislators pushing the Equal Rights Amendment, abortion rights, reproductive rights, divorce rights, affirmative action, pay equity, public day care, and other efforts to “advance” the rights of women.” An article was shared with me this week that is very fitting for our study. It screams feminism and is a great example of the worldview, the complete opposite of God’s Divine Design. Click here to read the article from The Washington Post titled What does President Trump mean for feminists?

Day 1 page 140, “Did feminism identify some valid problems? Yes. Did it propose some helpful changes? It likely did. Can feminism be embraced along with our Christian faith? Absolutely not. Why not? Because it introduces a subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) distortion into the way we approach gender and male-female relationships. It contains truth, but it also contains some powerful and destructive lies.” What are your thoughts? Do you agree?

Day 4 page 154 & 155, “In October 2009, Time magazine devoted an entire issue to “The State of the American Woman.” One writer pointed out that, ironically, as women have gained more education, more economic independence, more power, and more freedom, they have become less and less happy. According to evidence gathered by numerous surveys, they are unhappier now than when the feminist movement set about to solve the problem of women’s unhappiness. Clearly, the new model of womanhood is even less fulfilling than the old one was. The solution isn’t to try to rewind the clock to the 1950’s and squeez women back into that culture’s “Leave It to Beaver” stereotype. No. The solution – the biblical solution – is to embrace the Word of God, and ask Him to help us figure out how to live out His divine design in this culture. Truly “smart girls” know that the place to get more know-how, freedom, and joy is in a relationship with Christ – the One “in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge” (Col.2:3)” Do you personally see women becoming less and less happy? What about your family, friends, you? I pray that we will be women who look to Christ for how how to live out His divine design for us.

Once you’ve completed the homework for this week click here to watch the True Woman 101 Week 6: Hear Me Roar.

Come back on Wednesday for our Discussion Questions. You can share your thoughts and comments with us here, jot them down in your book during your quiet time or discuss them with another sister doing the study with you. Please let us know how we can pray for you throughout the study. Have a great week!

In His Love,
One Heart Ministry


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