True Woman 101: Week 5 Battle of the Sexes

Hello sisters welcome to week 5: Battle of the Sexes. This week we learned the painful consequence of sin that bring trouble to the male-female relationships. We are all affected by this battle that came about as the result of the fall.

I wanted to share a paragraph from day 1 on page 119. “In this fallen world, we all experience the brokenness of sin, but God wants us to focus on His hope and deliverance, and to rely on His power to overcome the Serpent and his schemes.”

On day 2 the authors discuss how Eve took matters into her own hands. She didn’t acknowledge her husband who was standing by her side, she didn’t consult him, ask his input or direction, she simply acts. “She took and ate it” Genesis 3:6 NIV. I don’t know about you but I have definitely been guilty of this. I encourage to include your husbands, seek his advice and counsel. If you are single, seek direction from godly men in your life when situations warrant it. Seek the counsel of our Heavenly Father. Don’t fall into the sin like Eve.

Because of sin “you will have the urge to control, resist, oppose, and act against your husband. Whereas you were intended to function as one – in harmony, in peace, in unity – there will be a barrier between you. Instead of following your husband’s lead and pulling together with him in seeking to serve and glorify God, you’ll have the inclination to grab control of the reins and independently go your own way.”

Are you working together with your husband in seeking to serve and glorify God?

Once you’ve completed the homework for this week click here to watch the True Woman 101 Week 5: Battle of the Sexes. 

Come back on Wednesday for our Discussion Questions. You can share your thoughts and comments with us here, jot them down in your book during your quiet time or discuss them with another sister doing the study with you. Please let us know how we can pray for you throughout the study. Have a great week!

In His Love,
One Heart Ministry


2 thoughts on “True Woman 101: Week 5 Battle of the Sexes

  1. This morning in my Bible reading, I was reading 2 Peter chapter 1, and came across this phrase…”so that you may become partakers in the divine nature”. If you use the word “nature” instead of “design”, it fits right in with what we’ve been learning in this study! …”God has granted us His precious and magnificent promises so that by them you may become partakers of the Divine design, having escaped the corruption that is in the world by lust.” 2 Peter 1:4. Keep reading on your own verses 5 – 8 to find out God’s pathway to the divine design!


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