Week 6 Responsibility: Discussion Questions

Hello dear sisters! I hope you have been enjoying week 6 of our study. “Our ideas about work impact our decisions about working in the marketplace versus the home. A proper theology of work – that is, an understanding of what the Bible teaches about it – is vital to help us make wise choices about what, why, where, when, and how to work.”

“God expects us to invest the resources He has entrusted to us – time, talents, and money – in things that will last. Jesus doesn’t condemn business success or economic prosperity. Jesus and Paul both benefited from the generosity of independently wealthy women (Luke 8:2-3, Acts 13:13-15). The Lord is simply challenging us to examine the motives of our hearts to see if we treasure Him and His kingdom above temporal things.”

Here are some discussion questions. You can share your thoughts and comments here, write them down in your book during your quiet time or discuss them with another sister doing the study with you.

  1. What are your spheres of responsibility in this season of your life?
  2. Take a look at day 2. Describe your opinions about work by indicating how strongly you agree or disagree with the statements on pages 140 & 141.
  3. What do you think it means to look well to the ways of your household?
  4. Do you struggle with idleness, busying yourself with time-wasting activities, or competing activities that keep you from “working at home” and “looking well to the way of your household”?
  5. Read though the 5 points throughout day 2 & 3, 1. Work was created to put the nature and character of God on display, 2. All legitimate work is an extension of God’s work, 3. Your work has eternal significance, 4.God wants you to be strategic in your allocation of time and energy, 5. Women who have been redeemed show it through “good works”, 6. Scripture promotes a gender-specific emphasis on work-responsibility.

For a number of reasons, we will not be taping our Monday night sessions each week. If you have been enjoying them and would like to see us continue them please let us know. We will continue to pray and seek God’s guidance in the best ways to bring you a quality online Bible study. We thank you for being a part of our study and pray for you and your families!

In His Love,
One Heart Women’s Ministry


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