True Woman 201: Week 4 Discipline

Hello sisters welcome to week 4, Discipline. Wow! I don’t know about you but this was definitely a good lesson for me!! On page 87 the authors said, “The design element we’re going to study this week is discipline. A True Woman knows how to exercise restraint and how to make wise, intentional choices in her habits and daily routines. Those disciplines and choices flow out of a heart and mind that are under the Spirit’s control. The grace of God and the work of Christ on the cross give her the I-will-power to say “yes” to the good , and the I-won’t -power to say “no” to the bad.

I found the marshmallow  study on day one very fascinating. I wish I could go back to that age and see what I would have done…or maybe not lol. During our Monday night discussion we talked a lot about our minds and having a reined-in mind, a sound mind and about “putting on the breaks“. I hope you take the time to consider those things and work through the 6 steps in day 5, Reflect on the situation, Ready yourself for action, Remember your commitment, Rely on the Holy Spirit, Replace wrong patterns with virtuous ones, and Resolve to keep pursuing a sophron life.

Once you’ve completed the homework for this week click here to watch the True Woman Week 4: Discipline.

Come back on Wednesday for our Discussion Questions. You can share your thoughts and comments with us here, jot them down in your book during your quiet time or discuss them with another sister doing the study with you. Please let us know how we can pray for you throughout the study. Have a great week!

In His Love,
One Heart Women’s Ministry


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