Week 5 Recap

Hello sisters loved by God! Welcome to the end of week 5: The Shield of Faith!  Priscilla says on day 3 of our homework, “Taking up the shield of faith is like writing a check of trust to God. It is proof that you trust Him like you say you do. Yes, faith usually involves sacrifice because it likely involves some level of risk on your part. But it’s worth taking if the One on whom you’re depending has proven Himself dependable, time and time again, from one generation to the next. Your God is faithful – “faith-full” – and this is why you can live a faith-filled life.” I pray that you are living a faith-filled life!

I hope you enjoy our recap with Meg!   Have a beautiful weekend! Stay tune here to the blog for week 6 starting on Monday.

In His Love,
One Heart Ministry




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