True Woman 201: Week 2 Honor

Hello sisters welcome to week 2, Honor, the second design element of biblical womanhood. We hope you’re enjoying the study so far! On page 39 the authors say, “A True Woman makes much of Christ…She is “reverent in behavior.” She’s deeply respectful of the sacrifice that Jesus made on her behalf – and her profound reverence evokes a personal response and commitment. Reverence for the Lord stirs a woman to dedicate herself to serving Christ. A reverent woman lives a God-centered life. She’s wholeheartedly devoted to the Lord. She seeks to honor Him in every attitude, thought and action.” Wow! I know that’s the kind of woman I desire to be. How about you?

As you work through week 2 be sure to check in here for additional posts. If you get behind that’s okay, the posts will always be available here.

In day one, Mind Your Manner, we learn that honor involves a deep, reverential fear of the Lord and an acknowledgment of His constant presence, “temple-appropriate”. In day two, Giving Precedence, we learn that reverence is acknowledging the Lord’s authority over us, with our hearts, thoughts, demeanor, attitude, and actions. In day three, Me-First Mistake, we learned that irreverence is failing to honor something of great worth, less of our opinion/desires and more of Christ’s opinion/desires. In day 4, No Sassy Girls and day 5, Growing Reverent, we learned why reverence is near the top of Paul’s list of important traits for older women and answered the questions, ‘Why is reverence a trait that’s specifically important for the female sex?’ and ‘Why is reverence particularly important for “older” women?’

Once you’ve completed the homework for this week click here to watch the True Woman Week 2: Honor video.

Come back on Wednesday for our Discussion Questions. You can share your thoughts and comments with us here, jot them down in your book during your quiet time or discuss them with another sister doing the study with you. Please let us know how we can pray for you throughout the study. Have a great week!

In His Love,
One Heart Women’s Ministry


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