Week 2 Snips and Snails: Additional Resources

Hello sisters! As we end week 2 of our study I would like to share a few additional resources for a deeper study. All these can be found on the True Woman 101 website at http://www.truewomanbooks.com.

Click here to read an article by Nancy called The Men Speak Out.

The second article can be found on the Revive Our Hearts Blog. Click here to read Wear the Pants MAN-ifesto by Mary.

Click here to watch How God Overcomes Failure in Your Family by Voddie Baucham.

Lastly, Revive Our Hearts has a radio with lots of great programs on this very topic we’re studying. This week I would just like to highlight one called Recovering from a Gender Earthquake. Click here to read or listen to the program.

Please let us know how we can be praying for you throughout the study! Have a great weekend!

In His Love,
One Heart Woman’s Ministry


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