True Woman 101: Week 2 Snips and Snails

Hello sisters welcome to week 2: Snips and Snails. We hope you’ve been enjoying the study and our posts. This week we are going to learn about what God says boys are made of.

I wanted to share a paragraph from day 2 on page 48 and 49. “Obviously, that doesn’t mean that a woman is incapable of working, or that a man is incapable of creating a home and relating, or that they do not ever do these things. It just means that God created male and female with differing natural “dents” and spheres of responsibility. The male was created with a unique responsibility to work to provide for the family, and the female was created with a unique responsibility to nest and to nurture family relationship.”

What are your thoughts about that and do accept God’s plan for male and female or is it something you still wrestle with?

Once you’ve completed the homework for this week click here to watch the True Woman 101 Week 2: Snips and Snails video.

Come back on Wednesday for our Discussion Questions. You can share your thoughts and comments with us here, jot them down in your book during your quiet time or discuss them with another sister doing the study with you. Please let us know how we can pray for you throughout the study. Have a great week!

In His Love,
One Heart Women’s Ministry


1 thought on “True Woman 101: Week 2 Snips and Snails

  1. I can really see why God gave us the roles He did and how when we distort those roles, we miss out on the best He planned for us. However, as a stay-at-home mom, I do really struggle with the pressure to do “more”. Our culture tells us that we can do it all, and diminishes my role at home. That’s why knowing what God says about it is so important. I am really getting a lot out of this study.

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