Week 7: The Sword of The Spirit

Well friends here we are, our last video for our summer study! I pray you have found this study to be life changing for you.  Thank you for being a part of our first ever Online Bible Study. I hope you’ve enjoyed our videos and articles from our guests each week. Please let us know what you enjoyed most and would like to see more of and if you would consider joining us in a future study.

I would like to give a great big thank you to each of our guests. Julie Jackson, Cheryl Nalian, Tiffany Theisen, Libby Brozik, Meg Knauf and Cheryl Bongiorno, thank you for being a part of the study.  Thank you for sharing what God placed on your hearts with us, for being vulnerable and transparent and for being faithful servants! And a big thank you to Fran Maddock for taping and editing all our videos, what a blessing you are! Fran also has a surprise for you all tomorrow so come back for one last post.

In the video I mention Priscilla Shirer’s new book, The Prince Warriors. My daughter and I just finished it up and she loved it so much! We are anxiously waiting for book 2! Visit the website for more great information.  http://theprincewarriors.com

Prince Warriors 2

Remember to come back tomorrow for one last post from Fran! Here is our week 7 video, The Sword of the Spirit…enjoy!

In His Love,
One Heart Ministry






2 thoughts on “Week 7: The Sword of The Spirit

  1. Hi Melissa
    I loved the study! My only request is that we make it easy for people outside the church to find. I have invited some of my co-workers to join me in the next one and they are having trouble navigating where to find it. Can we make a link on the opening page? Working woman are always looking for ways to stay connected to God with their busy work schedules and we should make it easy for them to find. I think this is too important and too valuable a tool to hide it for just the woman of Oakwood. Lets help them to have another tool to reach out to other woman at their mission fields (their work place). Thank you again!
    On a personal note I have just one more request. Could the music in the background be more upbeat? It seems too laid back to me.


    • Thank you Pam for your feedback. I agree we want women to find us as easily as possible. I would love to talk about this in more detail sometime. Remember they can find the online study on Facebook too. I would also recommend inviting friends, family, coworkers, etc via text or email with a link or give them a flyer with the online study web address. I’m happy to get you what you need to pass along. Looking forward to talking more. Thanks again Pam for you support and encouragement!


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