Week 6 Questions

Week 6 Salvation

Hello dear sisters!  I sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed our video and article from Cheryl this week. I pray that you’ve been learning to protect your mind by putting on the helmet of salvation to live victoriously!

Today we have a few questions for you to consider.  We want to hear from you so share your thoughts with us.

  1. What are you learning as you record your Actionable Intel each day in your homework?
  2. What does applying salvation to your daily life actually look like? What practical benefits do you see filtering into your experience? See page 155 of your homework.
  3. Review “My Inheritance and Identity in Christ” on page 178 & 179 and share how the truth of God’s Word has changed you and is still changing you to become all that He desires for you.

In His Love,
One Heart Ministry


2 thoughts on “Week 6 Questions

  1. I am walking more upright and shinning my light brighter for Him each day. I am not weighted down by the thoughts satin puts in my head that I will never get it right. I am unworthy, I am lost, you will never make it a year of sobriety. Even if I don’t make it a year I am worthy, I am not lost and I am His. Made in His image, loved beyond measure and secure in knowing He has already won the battle and I can rest in Him know ing he is constantly changing and growing me for the better. I love my helmet!


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