Week 3 Recap

Hello sisters loved by God! Welcome to the end of week 3!  I really hope you’re taking advantage of the prayer cards in the back of the book and strengthening your prayer strategy. Remember the enemy has a strategy for us so we better have one too in order to fight our battles. I really liked what Priscilla Shirer said on day 1. “Wearing the belt of truth, putting on the shoes and helmet, using the shield or sword – they’ll do you no good if you leave your heart open to a full frontal attack by the devil. You must intentionally protect the organ that pumps vibrancy into your spiritual life. So pray fervently. See God fully.”

As a reminder, we are taking next week off. I Look forward to beginning week 4: The Shoes of Peace when we return. Our intro video with our guest for the week will be posted on Monday, July 11th. I hope you enjoy our recap with Tiffany!

In His Love,
One Heart Ministry


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