Week 1 Questions/Discussion Starters

Week 1 Questions and Discussion Starters Canvas

Hello everyone! I hope you’ve had an opportunity to watch the first two videos we posted. Today we just want to encourage you to spend time in God’s Word working through the Bible Study book and join in on a question/discussion starter here.

  1. Where are you joining us from? Is this your first time doing the Armor of God study?
  2. Share with us what drew you to this study and the title Armor of God.
  3. What expectations do you have as you begin this Bible study?
  4. Let us know how we can encourage you and pray for you.

As a reminder, Priscilla Shirer’s videos are available to purchase from Lifeway.com. They are not required for the study. The link to the viewer guides can be found in yesterday’s post, Week 1: Sizing up the Enemy. If your participant book has not arrived yet, there is a link for the first week in yesterday’s post as well.

Have a great week of study!

In His Love,


One Heart Ministry


9 thoughts on “Week 1 Questions/Discussion Starters

  1. This my first time with this study and doing this online is a first also. I know the devil is out to destroy and try and take our joy. I want to be confident and prepared. The title says it all. I have faith that this study will give me the tools for whatever the devil throws my way and teach me to use prayer like I never have before. Knowing I have a connection to my church family is encouraging .

    A Child Loved by God

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    • So glad you’re joining us sister loved by God! It is a very powerful study. The devil is out to destroy us and we need to put on the full armor of God and have a strategic prayer life. Priscilla Shirer will definitely prepare you and strengthen your prayer life though God’s Word. Melisa


      • I tried to ‘like’ the comments but I don’t have a WordPress account so it wouldn’t let me. So here’s my comment…I LIKE!!


    • Janet – I’m so glad you are studying the armor with us. You are so right that the devil wants to steal our joy. Years ago when I was sick, it was a sermon on a cassette tape called, “the devil can steal your goods but he can’t steal your joy” that helped me understand the battle I was in. I think it was the turning point in my healing. What I learned was that the devil knew that he couldn’t have my joy unless I choose to give it to him. I can choose joy (the kind of joy that is not based on my situation, but rather on my faith in Jesus Christ and what He has done for me). The devil is after my joy, because when he takes my joy, he has successfully stopped me from sharing my faith (through words or deeds). Keep remembering that the “joy of the Lord is your strength”, and don’t let the enemy have it! Love, Cheryl

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  2. Hey ladies! My name is Meg and I’m part of the Oakwood Community Church family. It’s Thursday and I’m beginning week one of our study. I know… Thursday? But flexibility is part of what drew me to participate in this online study. Another reason I chose to be involved was to support and encourage a dear sister in our church body. As we move through the study we will begin to see that part of waging an effective defense against our enemy is coming along side one another. You’ll learn a bit more about me and my excitement in just a few weeks. Stay tuned!

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    • We’re so glad you joined us for the study Meg and look forward to hearing from you in a few weeks! I love what you said, “part of waging an effective defense against our enemy is coming along side one another”. The devil sure wants us to believe we don’t need each other and we can do things on our own. I myself have been guilty of thinking that way and not relying on sisters when I should have. Thank you Meg for your support and encouragement! God bless you! Love, Melisa


  3. Hello my name is Pam. This is my 6th on-line bible study. I love Priscilla’s books and have heard many good things about this study from others who have done it already. Like many of us satin finds our weak areas and digs in to destroy us. I need to learn to fight like the warrior God created me to be. He has given me all the tools I need to be victorious I just need and want to learn to use them effectively. I want to fight with tenacity!


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